For over twenty five years Redondo Mortgage Center (RMC) has handled billions of dollars in real estate loans in Southern California. Since 1989, its in-depth knowledge and resources have maintained its preferred broker status with real estate agents, builders and other professionals in the community. It continues to grow and flourish as a result of its excellent reputation and long-term experience. In all its dealings with clients and lenders, RMC constantly strives to provide the best possible service.


It is currently working with several leaders in the real estate industry in Southern California and is known for its reliability, expertise, and ability to facilitate a “no-hassle” approach in loan processing.

It has rendered its services diligently and exceeded expectations. It has helped monitor and manage clients’ sales transactions to ensure closing in a timely manner. In addition, it continues to utilize all resources available to monitor progress and success.


RMC believes that everyone deserves to own a home. It can help buyers realize dreams of home ownership. Choosing the right lender is a key element to managing mortgage. As a mortgage professional, RMC’s goal is not only to provide buyers with a loan, but also to help them select the loan most beneficial to them and their long-term goals.

The RMC Promise


In everything we do, we are committed to achieving the highest standards of integrity, quality, and excellence.


Our promise is to devote our time and knowledge in structuring your loans that will yield you the most beneficial results.


We will work diligently to complete these tasks and will provide you with utmost professionalism to facilitate a smooth transaction.


Our integrity has allowed us to remain in the service of the Southern California community for over 20 years now—helping families own homes and consolidate their finances. So far, almost 90% of our customers are repeat clients or have referred their friends or relatives to our company.